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New changes to Blaby Victoria Tennis Club

Hello and welcome to the Blaby Victoria Tennis Blog, where we post all the goings on of our club. A place where members (and non members) could just check in and see what's happening. We hope you enjoy reading through our successes and our growth as a tennis club.

Firstly, after a period of uncertainty, we had a change of committee members in the past few years with Gareth Jones taking up the mantle and position of Club Secretary and overseeing our change. These changes while slow have been a positive to the club and our numbers are growing steadily. One of our first few changes, which you may have noticed on our Membership Forms has been the introduction of a logo, which one of our Committee Members and Social Media Officer Dejan has kindly designed for us to give us a modern identity. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Our mission has always been preservation, maintenance and growth and during COVID, we had the courts repainted maintaining an excellent hard court play. There is plans for further improvements with the clubhouse and aspects of the courts too, which we'll keep you updated on.

In the time Gareth has become Club Secretary, we have reintroduced ourselves into competitive Tennis, entering both Summer and Winter Leagues in Men's Doubles as well as Junior Doubles. It had been on the agenda for some time and the members are thriving in this new competitive branch of the club, with our numbers growing. We have to thank Stephen Newitt for his efforts in organising the matches as well as setting up our IntraClub Competitions as well.

We would also like to thank all our committee members past and present for their effort in helping keep Blaby active and grow and also to our loyal members who create a wonderful culture each week during socials, coaching and competitive matches.

Lastly we finally have relaunch of our new website, we hope you like the new look. We have to thank John Batten for creating our first and having an online presence, but as with growth there is areas that we can change to improve experience of the club and the new website will be more accessible to new and old members. We thank Dejan for his efforts in its creation and maintenance.


Blaby Victoria Tennis Club

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