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Blaby Victoria Tennis Club was formed in 1967 from the amalgamation of Victoria Church Tennis Club and the Blaby Tennis Club.


The Victoria Church Tennis Club formed well before the last War by members of Victoria Church on London Road. They had two hard courts and several grass courts, together with a large Pavilion at the top of Grenfell Road, Knighton. During the war the grass courts fell into disuse but there was quite a strong Club centred around the two hard courts. The club was reasonably prosperous and had treasured collection of numerous cups, which were presented for many competitions. In addition, they had Men’s Doubles and Ladies’ Doubles teams in the Leicestershire Tennis Competitions.

Unfortunately, in 1967, the ground on which these courts were situated, and for which the Club paid an annual rent, was required for housing development and the Club was faced with the prospect of either closing completely or finding alternative facilities. They were lucky enough to find the Blaby Tennis Club with which they could amalgamate.


The Blaby Tennis Club at that time had a Pavilion and two hard courts which were not in particularly good condition. These facilities were rented from the Blaby Community Centre who were prepared to give their full support to the amalgamation and the revitalising of the facilities.

Following the amalgamation the courts were completely resurfaced and much of the surrounding replaced. The whole of the area was improved with some fencing added and the club house repainted, most of it carried out by the club members. The club continues to carry out maintenance and keep the courts in great condition.

Since that time Blaby Victoria has gone from strength to strength and has obviously proved a much needed facility for Blaby, serving the community as a place for fitness, fun and a friendly welcome. In recent years we have refurbished the courts and installed floodlights to amplify use and keep tennis going all year round. We have a vision to keep on improving and bettering the facilities as we continue our culture of nurturing juniors, providing coaching and be the place for tennis in the area.

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